Fine Food, headquartered in Mumbai, was established in 2009 and is a one-stop destination for world-class food and beverages. At Fine Food, it is our mission to serve our customers nothing but the best at competitive prices. We have tied-up with top-of-the-line food manufacturers in Italy, Spain, and Portugal.

Our top brands include Garofalo, Martelli, DeCecco, Manfredi Barbera, Madama Oliva, Rosso Gargano, Due Vittorie, Castillo De Canena, among others in the European-Mediterranean region.

Garofalo - Pasta

Garofalo has been pursuing excellence since 1789 and has been the face of superior-quality pasta in Italy for over 230 years. They have combined their original innovation with the ancient wisdom of the Gragnano region, the homeland of pasta.  Besides being a leader in Italy for quality pasta, Garofalo exports its products to over 60 countries across the world – and Fine Food is delighted to be their partner.

The “Pasta di Gragnano IGP” guarantee seal certifies the brand’s unique traits and respect for quality that have made Gragnano pasta great.

Pastificio e Biscottificio - Pasta

The company was born in the 1970s after years of research and studies on typical Italian food and started by producing cookies and high-quality artisanal pasta. The company’s main objective is to preserve the ancient Italian tastes and culinary traditions of the renowned Mediterranean diet, while remaining an industry leader in terms of standards and certifications.

Enjoy wholesome pasta – rich in fiber & easily digestible; guaranteed with their state-of-the-art quality control.

Manfredi Barbera - Olive Oil

Established in 1888, the Barbera family has over five generations of experience in producing the finest quality extra virgin olive oil in Italy. It is today one of the most internationally renowned olive-mills with highly advanced technology to create unique products with exclusive packaging, thereby becoming true ambassadors of Sicilian quality worldwide.

“To make an oil like ours, it is first necessary to choose the men, then the land and finally the olives.” – Manfredi Barbera

Castillo De Canena - Oilve Oil

For almost 240 years, the family-run Castillo de Canena has produced the most premium extra virgin olive oil in Spain. With over two centuries of learning as olive oil producers with a firm commitment to sustainability, innovation, quality and excellence, the company today has become a world leader in the Olive Oil sector – Premium Extra Virgin.

The company is committed to continuous innovation, both in their processes and products.

Madama Oliva - Olives

Since 1989, Madama Oliva has been producing high quality natural preserves and olive products from Carsoli, Italy. The company is the leader in processing of fresh table olives, each with its own peculiarities, smells and flavours. Madama Oliva makes tradition and authenticity coexist with the current needs of quality and food safety.

Olives with a fresh flavour, as if just picked, natural or enriched with their unique spices and flavouring.

Rosso Gargano - Tomatoes

Based in the warm & sunny region of Puglia in Southern Italy – the company grows the tomatoes they process. The processing time is as close to harvest as possible, making these the freshest packed tomatoes available. Rosso Gargano Italian tomatoes are one of the most famous brands in the world for their taste and quality.

The best selection of Italian tomatoes – the perfect ingredient for pizzas, pastas or any cuisine.

Casa Marrazzo - Tomatoes

Casa Marrazzo dates back to 1934, and in its eight decades has grown from a small family farm to a proudly artisan producer of tinned vegetables of the highest quality. They produce, select, and transform the best fruits of their land to create genuine, healthy, and natural preserves.

The tomatoes are prized in Italy and across the world for their thick flesh and sweet flavour.

Due Vittorie - Vinegar

Due Vittorie, from Modena, Italy, is one of the most premium balsamic vinegar producers in the country. Due Vittorie has gained a leadership position that is synonymous with quality and flavour and has begun its vital expansion in foreign markets.

Due Vittorie Oro balsamic vinegar is slowly matured in oak vats to acquire its unique characteristics that make it totally worth it.

Molino Iaquone - Flour

Molino Iaquone has experience in making flour since 1832 in their hometown of Piacenza. The family-run company has been dedicated to the production and study of the best flours and are flagbearers of the Italian tradition in flour making. It selects, grinds and combines the best cereals to obtain many different blends, which ensures each of the 150 flours produced are specially designed to make the consumers’ creation unforgettable.

Creates unique blends with innovative processing of perhaps the simplest and most extraordinary produce ever cultivated – wheat.

Acquerello - Rice

Acquerello started in 1991 from Piero Rondolino’s idea to create a rice that distinguished itself from the others for its superior quality. Acquerello is the first rice that is aged and has its own germ which makes this white rice’s nutritional properties the same as brown rice. Today it is sold in 65 countries worldwide and it is produced only in Livorno Ferraris, the region where rice culture dates back to the 1400s.

Acquerello’s production entails the careful cultivation of rice in their fields along with a short supply chain process.

Riso Vignola - Rice

Established in 1880, the family-run brand Riso Vignola has been leading the way since inception, when it comes to innovative production processes and crop protection. The rice is selected with the utmost care and processed using the best technologies. It is important for the family that production is carried out with the utmost respect for the environment, to produce different rice for all discerning palates.

A company that loves what they do and puts their passion into every grain.

Granini - Juice

Since the beginning of its journey over 50 years ago, Granini has always been more than just a juice for this family-owned company. The iconic bottle with its unique dimples and the promise to only ever use the best fruits, sets the brand apart. Granini has delivered true fruitiness and wonderful taste experiences to countless people around the world.

Enjoyment & health, innovation & tradition – the 4 pillars on which the company’s vision is based.

Amedei - Chocolate

Artisanal techniques, inimitable taste and a unique style, all made in Tuscany, are the distinctive features that make Amedei’s chocolate renowned all over the world. The promise of the highest quality to match the emotions of unconditional loyalty of their consumers, has ensured Amedei is today the world’s premier gourmet-chocolate production company.

Keeps innovating by taking the wishes of its sweetest-toothed customers to the next level.

SoSalt - Sea Salt

For over 100 years, SoSalt has been cultivating and packaging Sea Salt. Over 100 hectares of salt pans in the coastal strip between Trapani and Marsala, allows SoSalt to cultivate and package a unique sea salt. The company has been optimizing the cultivation and harvesting of salt, since its inception, by combining its activities with total respect for the “saline ecosystem”.

Sea salt created by sea water that has been evaporated by the sun – with no artificial flavours or colours , ensuring the perfect amount of brininess, balanced with the flavour of minerals naturally imparted from the Mediterranean.

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